Celtic Heels School of Dance

'Join in the fun of the Jigs and Reels'

Barre Fitness Classes are offered at the Greenfield, MA & Florence, MA schools.  These classes, while ballet based, require no previous dance experience.  Barre Fitness uses a combination of Ballet-inspired postures & movements, targeted core strength exercises and isometric strength training using small, medium and large range-of-motion movements. The focus is placed on various muscle groups to lengthen and strengthen while learning proper body alignment for overall health in your daily life.  Your First Class is ON US!!  Come try a class for FREE!                                

                                           We offer 'Bring Your Baby to Barre' Classes too!




 And during certain times of the year we offer 'Barre to the Bar' classes where we get in a good workout and then head to a local bar for a social drink with other like minded fun loving folks! 

PLEASE NOTE: Only classes with students pre-registered will run.  PLEASE SIGN UP AT LEAST 2 HOURS BEFORE THE CLASS YOU WISH TO ATTEND AT: bookwhen.com/barrefitness As long as there is one student signed up for any given class we will be there!  Drop ins are welcome so long as the class has some students registered.

Our current schedule for the summer is as follows (subject to change ~ please check sign up page for any changes):

Wednesday @ 5:30pm in Greenfield - Barre Fitness  

Wednesday @ 6:15pm in Greenfield - Bring your Baby to Barre 

Thursday @ 5:45pm in Florence - Bring your Baby to Barre