Celtic Heels & DEVINE DANCE

'Join in the fun of the Jigs and Reels'

Class Descriptions: Greenfield + Florence, MA


Irish Hard Shoe Step Dance (for Adults): Our step class for adults has ongoing enrollment and each dancer will work at their own level learning hard shoe rhythms and steps as the instructor rotates between the groups enabling everyone to progress at their own pace.  

Irish Soft Shoe Step & Ceili Dance (for Adults): Ceili dances are Irish group dances done in various formations with footwork that can either be done with small low impact movements or high energy bouncy steps which makes this class accessible to all levels of dancers.  No partner nor prior dance experience is needed.  During the first class of each month we welcome new students to come learn the basic steps.  On your second week you will be incorporated into the group to join in the fun!  Part of class is also devoted to individual soft shoe step dancing.


 There are many benefits to participating dance; younger students learn to follow instruction and gain a sense of discipline. They focus on coordination and balance and how to control their bodies in motion. Older dancers are encouraged to focus on proper technique, turnout, posture and alignment. All students become more comfortable performing before groups and learn to work as part of a team. Classes run Sept-June, showcasing a recital at the end of the semester.

Irish Soft Shoe & Hard Shoe Classes (for kids): Classes incorporating both Soft Shoe and Hard Shoe Step Dancing are offered for ages 9+.  Group Ceili Dance is also taught as part of this program. 

Soft Shoe Irish & Tap: This combo class is offered for ages 4-8, focusing 2/3 of each lesson on Irish Soft Shoe Dancing and 1/3 on Rhythmic Tap to help younger students develop a solid sense of rhythm, timing and foot articulation. Classes incorporate learning cadences with hands and feet, drills across the room, dance games and more! 

Soft Shoe Irish & Ballet: This combo class is offered for ages 4-8, focusing 2/3 of each lesson on Irish Soft Shoe Dancing and 1/3 on Ballet to help younger students develop proper extension, muscle control and strength. Classes incorporate learning various positions and steps, jumps and spins across the room, dance games and more!

Tap & Ballet: Combo Tap & Ballet classes are offered for dancers ages 9+.  TAP = Students build on previously learned rhythms and steps and learn how to accentuate various movements to change the sounds produced with only their feet.  Become your very own musical instrument!  BALLET = While students learn proper ballet technique at the barre, our classes also incorporate fun and fast paced combinations across the floor with a dance game or two mixed in.  Focus is placed on not only technique but also expression and creative movement.  It is possible to learn ballet in a fun way!

Barre/Pre-point + Pointe: Barre/Pointe classes are offered on an invitation basis to students ages 9+ if already enrolled in ballet class or has relevant prior dance experience.  While focusing on technique building students also learn to be expressive and creative with their movements to tell a story through dance while focusing on proper Ballet technique. Time is also spent exploring more advanced turns and leaps than those taught in the Ballet program.