Celtic Heels & DEVINE DANCE

'Join in the fun of the Jigs and Reels'

Established in 1983 by Joan in New York and Re-established in Massachusetts in 2006 by her daughter, Cara, Celtic Heels opened up a direct line to the hearts and heritage of Celtic families. 

We, at Celtic Heels, offer more than just a dance class.  Our goal is to foster a love of both dance and life. We are offering empowerment, optimism, and confidence in our growing dancers.  Witnessing children having those little moments of being proud of their accomplishments is one of our main intentions as instructors here at Celtic Heels, and each student is allowed to progress at their own comfort level while being challenged along the way.  We are a performance school with a focus on teamwork where dancers learn what they are capable of through dedication and self discipline. Our class offerings in Irish Dance, Ballet, Pointe, Tap and Kids Yoga set a solid foundation for rhythm, balance, extension and strength that can be applicable in many other activities.  

We feel that dance, music and creative movement are a few of the small joys in life!